Happy Fall!

Fall 2003, Amherst, MA.

Today is the first day of fall! (or spring for our friends in the southern hemisphere.) At 4:02pm EST, the sun will cross over the equator: the autumnal equinox.

The cooler temperature in the air is refreshing, but I’m most looking forward to the explosive red, yellow and orange colors of the changing leaves to come- perfect for a weekend getaway outside the city. Plus: not sweating profusely on the walk to work every day; cute/cozy fall sweaters and scarves; pumpkin-spice everything; hay rides with my friends’ kids; and stacks of chrysanthemums relentlessly appearing at every farmer’s market and townhouse steps, from Chelsea to Clinton Hill.

I hope you have “A September to remember. An October full of splendor. A November to treasure.”-La Prevenchere.