A surprising engagement ring trend

I was always drawn to engagement ring styles that were compact and elegant, not overly loaded with stones or metal or get caught on your sweater. Which is why I’m drawn to the latest engagement ring trend: According to The Zoe Report, baguette-style rings– which originate from the Art Deco era of the 1920s, and whose stones are named for their long, slender baguette-like shape– are currently having a moment. Would you wear this style?

Above: Mociun’s Arcade Ring, $8,500.

How do you get organized?

I love Marie Kondo’s book just as much as everyone else, but how does one organize the non-physical aspects of life? Her book, while helpful in sorting through your physical belongings by identifying what brings you joy and what doesn’t, deals with only the tangible: clothes, books, photos, furniture, bric-a-brac. For everything else, I recommend a book I found in my parent’s house ten years ago, which seems to not be as well known: it’s called Getting Things Done, by David Allen, who shares a simple, effective method for getting organized and capturing all the loose ends in your life. He breaks it into five steps (Capture, Clarify, Organize, Reflect, and Engage) but for me, the game-changer came when I started writing everything down. Some people have diaries, I have my list. This is an incredibly cathartic exercise, where you write down everything on your mind and later, decide next steps with each item. I have been doing this the past few weeks and already see an improvement in my productivity. You don’t need any special tools, just a simple pad or your phone’s notebook. Best of all, with this list in hand, you can fill small pockets of time by either working on the list, or completing items on the list– and feel great about it! No more boring commutes, endless waiting room visits, or not knowing what to do with free time. The result leaves you relaxed, observant and feeling in control. Would you try this?

Above: Jackson Pollack’s Untitled, 1948–49

Valentine’s Flowers

To all my friends, family and loved ones, happy Valentine’s! Remember writing Valentines to each person in your class as a kid? That was so fun, getting all those cards (Snoopy-themed) and candy (chalky, pastel “BE MINE” hearts). I love this gorgeous bouquet from Urban Stems, which features colorful ranunculus, roses, and mini calla lilies for some sweet Valentine’s vibes.

Also love this Valentine’s bouquet my boyfriend sent me last night 🙂

Pearl Girl

I love how a string of pearls, especially double or triple-looped, can easily elevate an outfit: in this case, a simple white button-up for work or a walk in the park.  This Fall, I’m trying to accessorize more (on hectic mornings jewelry is often the last thing I remember to put on). This particular pearl necklace is vintage from my grandma’s jewelry box, but you can pick up a similar set here (faux) or here (real).

Adventure in New Hope

Morning light and fog. Picture taken January 2014 on the New Hope, PA side of the bridge (I was visiting the area for work at the time). It was freezing cold but beautiful. I can’t wait to get back this week!

If I had to pick my favorite small town off the top of my head, I’d say New Hope, Pennsylvania. I recommend it highly for the perfect fall weekend getaway. With its woodsy, serene countryside of rolling hills, farms, Victorian homes and charming Main Street set romantically on the Delaware River, New Hope is straight out of a storybook. While it’s a little early for Fall leaves and covered bridges, this week I’m excited to be heading to New Hope on a fitness-themed travel writing assignment involving hiking, biking, yoga, paddle-boarding, and even exploring a castle! I’m looking forward to seeing Bucks County from a new, adventurous perspective (floating in the river after I fall off my paddleboard?), meet other travel writers and push the limits of my nascent/dubious athleticism. I’ll share all my adventures here, along with my favorite travel recommendations.

Labor Day

Fourth of July 2017, from Greenpoint (Empire State Building at bottom right).

I woke up this morning feeling the delightful chill of cool air blowing in my apartment window and the realization that it wasn’t the AC: it was a chilly morning! Labor Day weekend has always signaled that summer is coming to an end, and the weather is cooling down, too. I’m looking forward to sunny sixty-degree days, better outfits involving sweaters and tights, autumn adventures with friends and family, crisp weather for hiking and spending time outdoors, and most of all, the smell at night beneath starry fall skies.  With the new season I’m starting my first blog, where I hope to keep in touch with you and share my adventures and favorite things.  As Rumi said, “I once had a thousand desires. But in my one desire to know you all else melted away.”

I hope you have a wonderful long Labor Day weekend with warm summer memories and some cool breezes.